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Become an Expert Intuitive



Trust What Your Deep Self Knows

Become an Expert Intuitive

A 6-Week Intensive Online Class and Work Group
with Intuition Pioneer, Best-Selling Author and Visionary Leader Penney Peirce
9 am Pacific / 11 am Central / 12 Noon Eastern / 6 PM CET / 2 AM Sunday Australia
Early Bird through 4-20 $225 / Advance Registration $300 / General Admission $400


“With intuition, we know what we need to know, right when we need to know it. 

The universe, it seems, doesn’t waste time or energy. Intuition presents information to us

not a moment too soon nor too late, and uses any means available to reach us.”


Have you noticed that life—and time—have been steadily accelerating? And that logic, willpower, and speed alone don’t get the results they used to? The faster life moves, the more we find ourselves in the present moment; we discover we can access large amounts of information immediately—and results can occur almost instantaneously. Our old, slow, linear, logical, left-brain way of knowing is no longer fast enough to keep up.


We need a new way of perceiving, and new consciousness skills, that can evolve rapidly along with us as we shift from The Information Age to The Intuition Age.


Intuition and the focused use of attention are becoming the most sought-after and necessary skills for adapting and taking advantage of the increasing vibration of both your body and the world around you.


Just as you learned to study with your left brain in school, it’s time now to master the ability to harness the genius of your right brain, heart, and body.


In addition, as the frequency of energy increases in and around us, we are becoming ultrasensitive and empathic, aware of preverbal “energy information” that can feel confusing or disturbing unless it’s decoded. We need to use this new sensitivity productively to succeed in life, instead of feeling paralyzed.


Whether you want to use intuition and empathic knowing in your personal life or in business, the time is now to develop your expertise.

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We Invite You To Trust Your Inner Knowing
2 Minute Audio Testimonial from a Former Student
10 Minute Intro Video with Penney Peirce and Nina Patrick
60 Minute Introductory Call with Penney Peirce
Be Transformed!
BEGINNING MAY 11th, 2019

9 AM Pacific / 11 AM Central / 12 Noon Eastern / 6 PM CET / 4 AM Sunday Australia


Experience Your Connection

to the Greater Whole 

Answer the Call of Your Intuition


Join Penney Peirce for a 6-week work-group designed to help you polish your intuition and self-guidance skills. With today's fragmentation, distraction, and swirling fears, it's more important than ever to stay in your Home Frequency, build trust with your Inner Perceiver, and be able to access your own True North.


We'll practice being fully in the body, entering a high-vibrational intuitive state, and accessing accurate insights. We'll learn to recognize guidance in its various forms and distinguish left-brain projections and wishful thinking from the truth.


You'll learn to read your body, other people, and the energy field around you. As an expert intuitive, you'll be able to shift into your intuition at will and “feel into” things more deeply. You'll cultivate fluidity and the ability to recognize and clear even the most subtle of blocks to your own flow of talent, wisdom, and love. Yes, you can learn to totally trust yourself.


You Will Receive:

  • Six live, interactive 90-minute video sessions with Penney Peirce ( platform)

  • A recorded replay of each video session

  • Experiential practices to deepen your learning

  • Supplemental materials to extend your understanding

  • Access to an interactive online community of people on your wavelength

  • Certificate of Completion (may be used as a prerequisite towards Expert Intuitive Certification Program) 

Penney's intuition training validated what I've heard within myself, but couldn't trust. I especially liked Penney's intellectual understanding, her focused experiential approach, the exposure to a wide realm of techniques and the clarity of her presentation. She is warm, empathic, and very real.

Kay Sandberg, Menlo Park, California

Go Deep.


9 am Pacific / 11 am Central / 12 Noon Eastern / 6 PM CET / 2 AM Sunday Australia

About Your Guide


Your guide on this profound, experiential journey is Penney Peirce, a gifted clairvoyant-empath and visionary, and one of the pioneers in the intuition development movement. She is a respected author, lecturer, counselor, and trainer specializing in intuition development, inner energy dynamics, expanded perception, personal transformation, and dream work. She has worked in the US, Japan, Europe, South America, and South Africa since 1977, coaching business and government leaders, psychologists, scientists, celebrities, and those on a spiritual path about the hidden dynamics of what makes for true success.

Penney is the author of 10 books:

  • Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity

  • Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention

  • Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration

  • The Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness

  • Be the Dreamer Not the Dream: A Guide to 24-Hour Consciousness

  • Dream Dictionary for Dummies

  • The Present Moment: A Daybook of Clarity and Intuition

  • Bits & Pieces 1, 2, and 3: Essays on Consciousness


Penney’s work is open-minded, practical, and sophisticated, synthesizing diverse cultural and spiritual worldviews with many years’ experience in business as a corporate art director. She is extraordinarily attuned to the intricacies of the mind and the dimensions of human awareness, blending a deep understanding of natural laws with a designer’s skill in structural patterning. She is known for her ability to present complex ideas in a common-sense, easy-to-understand way.



Learn more about Penney at:

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Join Penney for Some Intuitive Fun!

BEGINNING MAY 11th, 2019
9 am Pacific / 11 am Central / 12 Noon Eastern / 6 pm CET / 2 am Sunday Australia

Penney’s material struck a responsive chord in my body. I was thinking, "I do that," "That feels like me," "This is what I'm working on." To hear her say these things so articulately enabled me to clarify my issues and agendas. The experience was very positive—I feel Life in myself now in a new way, and I intend to continue working with the information.

Deborah May, San Francisco, California 

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Week 1: Learn to Shift into the Intuition Age


In Week 1 we’ll look at what’s happening in the world today and drop below the surface to understand the nonphysical causes in the energy-and-consciousness realms. There is a sanity to it all!


We’ll discuss how The Acceleration on the planet is affecting our body, emotions, and thoughts. And, we’ll explore how this intensification is causing us to transform: the rules of how you and your reality function are upgrading!


You’ll discover that there is a roadmap through the often-confusing transformation process—it actually has stages that can be navigated! We’ll review these in detail and get a sense of where you might be stuck and how to move forward easily.


We’ll shed light on how we’re shifting from the left-brain dominated Information Age to the Intuition Age, which integrates the direct knowing of the right brain, body, and living personal field around you. How might it feel when intuition becomes the most trusted vehicle for knowing?


Understand the left and right brain more specifically; learn how they can work together. Experience a guided meditation to improve left and right brain integration.


We’ll define the nuances of what intuition actually is and help you recognize instances where you use intuition but don’t notice it. You’ll develop a habit of noticing intuition.


Finally, we’ll experience a meditation to experience Presence inside yourself and outside; and understand the Law of Correlation.

Understand the Power of Intuition

SATURDAYS May 11th- June 15th, 2019

9 am Pacific / 11 am Central / 12 Noon Eastern / 6 pm CET / 2 AM Sunday Australia

Week 2: Enter the Intuitive State


Today you’ll learn to recognize intuition, or direct knowing, in its different forms as it occurs in the three levels of the brain. And, we’ll talk about the ascending process of knowing and the descending process.


We’ll direct attention to many subtle states of energy-and-consciousness that deliver insights to you directly through the body. When information is preverbal, how do you know things?


We’ll explore what blocks intuition and what frees it. And you’ll experience a guided meditation to release some blocks to intuitive insight.


You’ll learn to pay close attention to what your body knows, by understanding your truth and anxiety signals. We’ll experience making choices using these preverbal signals. And, what happens when you don’t notice the first sign of an intuitive message?


We’ll go deeper into recognizing the feeling of left and right brain perceptual states so you can shift into intuition at will.


We’ll experience the stages of shifting into the intuitive state and a simple meditation that can align and attune you to clear knowing. Then we’ll receive guidance about an important issue.

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Recognize What Intuition Feels Like

SATURDAYS May 11th- June 15th, 2019

9 am Pacific / 11 am Central / 12 Noon Eastern / 6 pm CET / 2 am Sunday Australia

I appreciate Penney's spontaneous manner, her thoroughness and knowledgeability, and how easy it is to relate to her. The training was a very beneficial experience because it helped me realize how accurate the information received from my deeper self really is. I now have more faith in my intuitive ability.



Janelle Robinson, Los Gatos, California

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Week 3: Access Intuitive Insight


Today we’ll focus on your preferred intuitive modes, and expand your repertoire of ways to receive insight.


We’ll delve into your ability to trust yourself, your insights, your relationship with the world around you, and explore ways to increase the flow of accurate, appropriate, useful information.


You’ll learn to work with your Inner Perceiver—the part of your mind that helps you notice what you notice and we'll interpret a few things you've noticed to find meaning. We'll also discuss the Path of Inquiry and Inner Dialogue.


You’ll also learn to make The Round Trip; consciously entering the Imaginal Realm and bringing back ideas.


Part of refining your intuitive ability is asking questions properly and receiving responses open-mindedly; we’ll practice this.


We’ll use direct writing to gain insight from our deeper levels of consciousness.


You’ll read another person by receiving various symbols that describe them.

Experience Methods for Receiving Insight

SATURDAYS May 11th - June 15th, 2019

9 am Pacific / 11 am Central / 12 Noon Eastern / 6 pm CET / 2 am Sunday Australia

Week  4: Decode Intuitive and Energy Information


Today you’ll learn how to discriminate the difference between what’s accurate, appropriate, and useful and what comes from fear and wishful or magical thinking. How can you tell what’s just right from what’s right or wrong?


In addition, we’ll examine what causes distortion and learn to correct any perceptual habits that limit clarity and compassion.


There are many fine distinctions underlying the answers you receive. You may think an answer is not accurate when the real insight is that timing is wrong, or a piece of important data is missing. We’ll practice experiencing some of these subtle distinctions and states of being that convey extra information.


We’ll work with several exercises to interpret the symbols you may encounter in waking reality and in dreams.


It’s important to be able to focus your attention and hold it—to merge into or feel into a symbol or experience. We’ll practice penetrating in and down, into the Why? Why? Why? to find deeper insights.


We’ll work with several guided visualizations and interpret the responses you receive.

Practice Trusting

SATURDAYS May 11th - June 15th, 2019

9 am Pacific / 11 am Central / 12 Noon Eastern / 6 pm CET / 2 am Sunday Australia

Penney truly does live and teach from the "inspired state." She makes what is usually profound and ponderous, light, playful, and easy. I appreciate her clarity and cleanness.

Dr. Daryl Diegelman, Sacramento, California

Week 5: The Power of Flow


Today we’ll focus on how we become stuck and frustrated; we’ll examine soul-blocking, clarity-blocking behaviors and unhealthy contractions.


You’ll learn to turn around some of your contractions to release your flow again.


We’ll discuss the phases of the Creation Cycle: Be-Do-Have-Be; and how throughout the process we can become stuck.


It’s important to consciously embrace endings and enter “liminal space”—you’ll learn a technique for learning to value this part of the process.


We’ll focus on seeing problems correctly and solving them from the flow-state; we’ll experience a guided exercise to do this.


You’ll learn a new fluid way to do planning and goal-setting, using the Round Trip.


You Don't Need to be Stuck!

SATURDAYS May 11th - June 15th, 2019

9 am Pacific / 11 am Central / 12 Noon Eastern / 6 pm CET / 2 am Sunday Australia

Penney communicates intense and complicated material with direct words, lightness, and empathy. She is able to listen to questions and get to the root of the participants' issues in an instant. I feel much freer and happier than I did before the workshop. I now know I do have a purpose in this life! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the gifts I received!

Crystal Wilcox, Boulder, Colorado

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Week 6: Apply Intuitive Insight

In this final segment, we’ll experience several methods of finding and using intuitive insight for making decisions.


You’ll experience using intuitive insight for guidance of self and others.


You’ll learn an effortless way to work with your attention to materialize and dematerialize realities.


We’ll focus on working with imagination and visualization to create an ideal “inner energy blueprint” to assist in healing and communication.


We’ll talk about the ethics of when (and how) to share an intuitive insight.


To continue to build your intuitive skill, we’ll discuss the importance of actualization and validation.


Finally, you’ll experience a meditation to enter into a state of communion with body, soul, the environment, the collective consciousness, and your life purpose.

Make Intuition Your New Normal

SATURDAYS May 11th - June 15th, 2019

9 am Pacific / 11 am Central / 12 Noon Eastern / 8 pm CET / 2 am Sunday Australia

Penney's introduction to her material, her personal approach, and facilitation skills are top quality. The experience I had was high voltage, in that the energy generated stayed with me for days. It was important to me that the predominant theme of the class was one that reinforces possibility, and she gave us good tools I can work with to that end.

Margaret Miller, Columbia, Maryland

From Penney to You


Hello, my potential friends and playmates!


You may think that sounds a bit frivolous, but I’ve always found that when people come together to open themselves to intuition, we end up laughing a lot and returning to our childlike joy in spontaneity and surprise.


Intuition can seem magical and, in truth, it is amazing—how insights with no logic attached can be so accurate, once you build trust and discernment skills. I don’t mean skepticism—that’s the opposite of trust. And I don’t mean gullibility, either, because that’s the opposite of discernment. I mean truly believing in yourself as the soul, knowing how connected you are to the next just-right experience, and trusting that you can make good choices and are entitled to materialize what you want and need.


To become an “expert intuitive” is not a heavy thing. Intuition doesn’t understand competition, winning, or hierarchical positions. Being an expert doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone else. When intuition becomes your new normal, instead of being puffed up with self-importance, you live in an all-encompassing compassionate experience that is your personal environment or reality.


Life becomes friendly and frictionless. You lose ego and gain the ability to see magnificence. You begin to truly love life and all its awe-inspiring myriad forms. Life is no longer dull or flat! That’s what intuitive expertise gives you.


I want to provide an experience, and a variety of practical tools, so nothing can prevent you from using your intuition whenever you want. I want to help you through your stuck places and encourage you to move beyond the weird comfort zone of old beliefs and habits.


Please do join me, in the spirit of sharing and participating fully, in developing your latent intuitive skills. I look forward very much to meeting you and playing in the field of higher consciousness and personal transformation. In case you didn’t know, intuition will definitely catapult you into a new, more expanded sense of self. Let’s jump in and see what happens, eh?


Much love,








From The Milagro World Center


Dear Friends and Colleagues,


We are thrilled and honored to present this teleseminar "Become An Expert Intuitive " with Penney Peirce who is a pioneer and master in the field of intuition. Her books provide us with guideposts as we make this transition into the Intuition Age. She is a way-shower for individuals and communities as we move into our fuller capacities as humans - a true Visionary Leader. What a gift to have this opportunity to be with her in this 6 week intensive! If you would like to deepen your capacity for a life that flows with ease, grace, and joy this is for you!


Challenges in the world call us to strengthen our capacity to be peaceful and calm in the midst of chaos.  They also

call us to move into a fuller expression of our gifts and talents to support our families, communities and the world.  No matter where we stand in the world we are participating in the Great Turn from one era into another. Our planetary crisis calls us boldly into our best self - with peace, passion, love, creativity and action.


At the Milagro World Center, we offer deeply experiential programs and events to support and nourish you as we shift into a "positive focus" culture and self-organize into communities of deep connection and shared purpose. At the core of our vision are "Keepers of the Turn”  – stewards of an emerging new world, messengers of an evolving culture that "lead with love" in communities of awakening, support, empowerment, and collaboration.


Imagine what is possible when millions of us came together in our full expression and passion to be in service to what is loving, good and creative in our world. Imagine what can be unleashed. It is Humanity's Potential Realized.


It is our heart's desire for you to learn, transform and open to your highest gifts and capacities. It would be a delight to have you become part of our larger community. Let's create something truly magnificent together!


That is our invitation and if your soul rings with joy to have found your place, join us for this course, and so much more.


Welcome to the Milagro World Center!


In love, peace, and gratitude,


Nina and Joseph


Learn more about the Milagro World Center at


Nina Patrick

Joseph Rosado

“I would love to live like a river flows,
carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”

― John O'Donohue